Hello, thanks for stopping by. These notes will help you navigate around this website: navigation within navigation!

  1. Navigation Course 1 includes the charts. You can download them (2) and print out on (A3) from the Sign-Up page or here:

Download size A3 Chart 1,

Download size A3 Chart 2

Full Size Chart

The A3 size is perfectly adequate for these exercises and providing you have your chart tools, you only need to print out Charts 1 and 2.

2. The Navigation Course 2 is for those who already have Chart AUS 252. When downloading the booklet you receive full, step-by-step instructions and Exercises and Answers. Details here. (I recommend doing Navigation Course 1 first). NOTE: Navigation 2 is based on an imperial chart (ie an older chart). The booklet for the new, metric, chart will be uploaded soon.

3. Please read the Sign Up page – this explains how to download/pay for the course/the exercises/answers and additional booklet information.

4. Course 1 provides an imperative foundation and background to help you fully understand coastal navigation. If you wish to dive straight into chart work, select the task of your choice (you don’t have to start learning about degrees, lat and long etc, if you are confident in these areas). Alternatively, select Nav Course 2. However, I strongly recommend you read Nav Course 1 first. This will help negate errors and avoid confusion and frustration later on. Learning to plot is all very well, but understanding chart scales, reciprocal courses, formulas, and measurements etc., at the beginning is well worth your time and effort. It will certainly make the chart work section far more enjoyable.

5. Any other questions? – drop us a line.

6. Most of this information is freely available to you. However, for $3.99 (AUD) you can access additional information in the form of practice questions and answers. Aside from that, if you’d just like to say ‘thanks’ for all the information provided and the hours/day/weeks spent taking pictures to illustrate each step, etc, then please shout us a beer or coffee via PayPal: ckijack@yahoo.com. Many thanks and fair winds.