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We are proud partners with:

Down Under Rally

Down Under Rally & SisterShip Magazine

Australia to New Caledonia & Vanuatu – The primary goal of the Down Under “Go East” Rally is to provide those who join the rally from Australia to New Caledonia with information, support and benefits.
New Caledonia & Vanuatu to Australia – The primary goal of the Down Under “Go West” Rally is to provide those who are heading Down Under with a professional and informative introduction to Australia.
Loyalty Islands Rally – Fiji & Vanuatu to Lifou – Loyalty Island New Caledonia. Clear into New Caledonia in the Loyalty Islands with the Down Under Rally. and obtain full customs, immigration &
biosecurity clearance.


SisterShip Magazine

SisterShip Magazine

An international magazine; written by women for women on the water.

THE first boating magazine for women, our ethos is:

  1. Belong: Share passions with like-minded people;
  2. Encourage: Support women, assist, advise, share, trust;
  3. Inspire: Creating ideas, thoughts, hopes, dreams;
  4. Inform: Promote safety, topical, newsy, fresh, detail; and
  5. Entertain: Be exciting, new, fun, rich, safe, honest, reliable.