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The small cost to download examples, questions and answers covers our time and outgoings for managing/running a website such as this.

We’ve spent many months compiling this information. There are over one hundred questions and answers, yes, some of them are small, simple, quick questions, but they had to be written, tested and answered and checked.

In downloading the Examples/Exercises/Answers, it is payment for our time in creating this entire website, maintaining it and offering support with the Exercises if you need it.

We are not making money – simply covering our costs.

What this course is: basic coastal navigation. Step-by-step instructions on how to plot your position and find your position by several different methods, calculate set and drift, speed distance time, etc. With over 100 images.

What this course is NOT: It’s not everything you need. You will still need to purchase books on Chart Symbols and learn what they mean, know your phonetic alphabet, understand lights/shapes and sounds (collision regulations) as well as learn to handle and manoeuvre your vessel, understand effects of wind/tide on your vessel, etc.


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Support: The course is written in such a way that you will have few, if any, questions. However, the cost for the modules includes support for up to two weeks with five questions in total. Thereafter, support is $5 per week, with a maximum of ten questions (you just won’t need that many, and you are only buying us a second cup of coffee (to share!)). Any issues/questions will be resolved, but your questions must be relevant to information contained on this website.

We will do our best to answer queries on the same day – but please be patient.

What You’ll Need

We like to keep things simple and cost-effective. So you’ll only need your equipment (pencil compass, dividers, ruler (bi-rola or parallel), soft pencil (2B) and eraser) to carry out the Chartwork. See: Navigation Equipment & Chart Work in More Nav Info.

We supply the charts (you will need to print them off) for course 1, for course 2 you will need AUS 252.

A3 versions (for course 1) – CHART 1 and CHART 2
Full sized version (for course 1) – CHART 18682 – full size

Note: It is possible to complete the exercises on the A3 charts. We’ve included this option to help keep your costs to a minimum. Alternatively, you can print a full sized chart. Contact your local printing company for these larger prints. Colour printing is recommended.

NOAA supply these charts, for printing, for free. The charts supplied via the links in this website are not for navigation.

Please note that diagrams/pictures/images are mostly not to scale.

Note: Every effort has been made to maintain the accuracy of information. However, we (the authors/publishers) disclaim responsibility for any errors and/or omissions in the work. We take no responsibility and bear no responsibility for accidents or near misses. It is up to you, the reader, to research and seek professional advice on safety, navigation, boat handling, and all aspects covered within this website.

That said, we hope you find this information useful.

…And BTW – this course has been edited by three marine professionals and several marine-learners – but if you do find a blooper, please remember we are only human – just drop us a line and we’ll correct it immediately.