Navigation Course 2

For this section, you will need Chart AUS 252 (plus your navigation equipment).

This workshop was prepared for The Gathering At The Bay – women’s sailing conference, for Women Who Sail Australia.

The introduction to Coastal Navigation booklet includes step-by-step instructions on:

Chart information
Measuring distance
Laying off bearings
Set and Drift Vectors

The booklet is written in such a way to allow you to study at home and contact me for support/assistance, as you work through the information. I recommend you work through Navigation Course 1 first.

To download the booklet click here and follow the ‘sign up’ process. You will receive the passwords to gain access to parts of this website. (If you’ve already sent a payment for ‘Navigation Course’ you already have the password for this).

Once you have the passwords, click here to download the booklet.